Curse of Impotence

The sexual gratification achieved by coitus is a precious gift of nature to every man. The evil disease of impotence deprives the man of the pleasures of sexual moments. The disease of impotence particularly affects those men who live in constant stress and take unbalanced diet. Pfizer, an illustrious pharmaceutical company, has brought the pleasures of orgasm back into the life of millions of men from all over the world, who were suffering from the humiliating condition of impotence, by its amazing drug Viagra introduced by this company in 1998 for the first time. Due to its minimum side effects and high efficacy, Viagra has won the trust of doctors all over the world. Viagra kicks out impotence from the penis.

Unique Action of Viagra

Although the process of erection takes place in the penis but it actually commences in the brain. If you watch any sexually stimulating scene or get touched sexually, the brain, after perceiving these stimuli, sends signals to the penis to awake it. These signals stimulate changes in the penis which result in the erection. Those men who become victims of impotence, although the brain sends signals to the penis for erection but changes required for erection don’t take place due to the deficiency of a factor involved in bringing about erection. Viagra compensates the deficiency of that factor called cGMP, by blocking the enzyme which is involved in the splitting of cGMP into GMP. Thus the level of cGMP is raised by the action of Viagra. Elevated level of cGMP brings about erection by relaxing the spongy tissue of the penis. Relaxing of the spongy tissue of the penis invites the blood in the spaces created in the tissue by its relaxation. The collecting of the blood in the spaces of the spongy tissue of the penis results in erection.

Instructions and other paraphernalia:

If proper precautionary measures are not followed, drug use might turn the tables over, and instead of increasing your sexuality, it might impact other aspects of your health as well. For example, in case of hepatic, improper metabolism of the drug by the body would result in drug toxicity and ultimately deteriorate your health. In case of heart and kidney diseases, same might happen. Moreover, proper timing is the key to everything since; the drug is potent enough to make it all happen. If the drug is taken half an hour before sexual interaction, its effects would start right after half and hour lasting till four hours are over. In between you could have your genitals sexually stimulated and sustained erection might occur resulting in properly oriented coitus. Take 25 mg as starter dose. Incase of any hepatic of cardiac problems, do not increase the dosage to 50 mg or 100 mg after physician’s recommendations.

Look for side effects, just to make sure!

Since, the drug action is not always confined to PDE5 alone, other enzymes are also affected as well, producing side effects some of which are diarrhea, hearing loss, nasal congestion, runny nose, dizziness and priapism. Incase they persist, halt drug administration and refer to your physician without delay. The potent drug is now available from our quality online pharmacy where we are providing our clients with all the safe and affordable sexual therapy of Viagra just upon a single click.
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