Many medicines have been made till now and the working ability of each medicine is different from other. Many pharmaceutical companies made such medicines which start working in the body very fast and show results in a few minutes. This thing is really praised by the users if the medicine shows its results in minimum time. The production of making best medicines is due to growing competition between pharmaceutical companies. There are numbers of pharmaceutical companies which are producing medicines but the demand of medicines is high only of those companies which are selling them at cheap rate and keeping the quality best.

Many companies try to increase the sale of their medicines by decreasing their rate. To compensate it, they also reduce the quality of medicines. People should avoid taking such medicines because health is very important. The priority of health is first as compare to money. You cannot buy a good health by your money so try to make your body fit for all type of activities.

A major class of working men passes their whole day time by sitting on a chair. They eat food when they feel hunger without considering the importance of time. This thing is becoming the major cause of different health issues and many sexual problems are also arising due to this over rest. People who do exercise on daily basis always keep themselves fit for all types of activities. Erectile dysfunction is a problem that arises due to over rest and increase in cholesterol level of the body. This increase leads to the increase in blood pressure and consequently makes the person impotent.

An impotent person is that affected person who is unable to sustain his erection of penis for 3-4 hours that is necessary for the sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is necessary to complete the sexual desire and as well as to increase the human race. An impotent person can never enjoy his sexual life unless he go for the treatment of this sexual problem. Talking about its solution, you will come to know that it is impossible to cure this sexual problem but some medicines have been made which can help in treating erectile dysfunction. Viagra uk is one of such medicines and it should be taken according to the prescription. Fill a glass with water and take the prescribed dose of Viagra with water. It should be taken before 1 hour of starting the sexual activity.

Cheap Viagra

The world's number one pharmaceutical industry is providing modern pharmacy with its exceedingly successful medication for erectile dysfunction. Viagra is the most reliable and trusted impotence medication produced by Pfizer pharmaceuticals in 1998 for the first time after which it became the first line medication of the top most priority. Its curing effect is seen in men of almost any age group. It has become popular in every adult community by the name of the blue pill from its blue colored diamond shaped look.


Vasodilatation of the penile vessels is the most important factor after the presence of sexual stimulation in the process of achieving sexual erection in men. Viagra targets vasodilatation of the penile blood vessels by protecting cGMP from being targeted for degradation by the enzyme PDE5. PDE5 is a protein enzyme responsible for decomposing the smooth muscle relaxant, cGMP initially produced by gyanylate cyclase enzyme from nitric oxide that comes from the sexual stimulation on the vascular endothelial cells. Dilated blood vessels let more and more blood to engorge the corpora cavernosa of the penis and cause them to fill up and assume an erect form. Note that cGMP increase is due to its protection from PDE5 by Viagra and not by increase in its synthesis by guanylate cyclase enzyme.

Available dosage of the drug is 25, 50 and 100 milligrams of diamond shaped blue colored tablet with Pfizer engraved on its one side and the potency of the drug engraved on the other. Starter dosage of the drug is 25mg which is also the dosage for older men; however, increase in the dosage might take place with doctor's consultation if the previous one fails to elicit required erection levels. Some of the possible drug side effects include flushing, dizziness, priapism, nasal congestion, runny nose, dyspepsia, diarrhea, hearing decline and visual impairments. Drug interactions include an antibiotic: erythromycin, protease inhibitors, beta blockers and, most importantly, all nitrate containing drugs. Do not take the medicine more then once in 24 hours. Consult your physician in cease you have any renal, hepatic of cardiac problems to secure your administration of the potent drug. Contact your doctor immediately in case of persistence of any of the mentioned side effects. Severe hypotension might take place if overdosed and circulatory collapse might result.

Take the oral medication of Viagra half an hour before engaging in sexual activity and indulge in as much stimulation as you can. The erection effect of the drug requires stimulation after which four hour erection would be achieved to satisfy your pleasure needs.

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In the present days, there is more than one solution of a problem. If we talk about the health problems and diseases then we see that there are many medicines which are used for the treatment of a single disease. Some of them work efficiently and give relief to body in short time while some take time to work properly. People mostly prefer those medicines which have the ability to give results in 2 to 3 minutes. Another factor is a cost factor. With the increase in cost you can buy a good medicine. The topic of this article is related to a well known sexual disease erectile dysfunction and its treatment.

What is erectile dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disease which unable men to get erection in sexually excited state. An erected penis has a lot of importance in sexual intercourse. Without it he cannot enjoy sex with his partner. So there should be a medicine which can treat it. Yes. There it is. We shall talk about that medicine later.

How erectile dysfunction decreases the erection?
Erection depends upon the flow of blood through the arteries of penis. The penis will become erect, hard and stiff as the flow of blood will increase. This condition comes in sexually stimulated state. In a normal person this flow of blood is controlled by an enzyme efficiently but in infected person its activity become down. This is the main reason due to which a man remains unable to get enough erection.

Solution of erectile dysfunction:
If there is a problem then there should be a solution of this problem. Although there are many medicines which can be used for its treatment but the best solution is the use of Viagra. Viagra (also called as Sildenafil citrate) is the number one medicine for the treatment of ED. It increases the efficiency of enzyme and wide the arteries to increase the blood flow. It is available in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. A right dose is prescribed by only professional doctors. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem so some doctors have no knowledge about the sexual problem. You should avoid from these doctors and go to the professional doctors.

Causes of erectile dysfunction:
There are 3 to 4 causes of erectile dysfunction or ED. ED caused by the diabetes, spinal cord injury, depression, heart problem, and high cholesterol. The first four have secondary importance in the causes of ED but the last one that is high cholesterol level plays a vital role in this sexual problem.

It stops the flow of blood through the arteries of penis that is why people become the victim of ED. You may know that the cholesterol level in our body is increased by the use of junk food. They contain lots of fats and oils components. When they start to build up on the walls of arteries of penis then they decreases the flow of blood. And this decrease in blood flow give rise to erectile dysfunction.

It was the general information about the use of Viagra and erectile dysfunction. For more details you can use internet.
With the advancement in the field of science and technology, everything is becoming more effective for the users. Same is the case with the advancement in drugs field where such medicine have been made which can be used for more than one ailment. In this article, I shall give you a brief knowledge about a well known medicine Viagra.
The sexual gratification achieved by coitus is a precious gift of nature to every man. The evil disease of impotence deprives the man of the pleasures of sexual moments. The disease of impotence particularly affects those men who live in constant stress and take unbalanced diet. Pfizer, an illustrious pharmaceutical company, has brought the pleasures of orgasm back into the life of millions of men from all over the world, who were suffering from the humiliating condition of impotence, by its amazing drug Viagra introduced by this company in 1998 for the first time. Due to its minimum side effects and high efficacy, Viagra has won the trust of doctors all over the world. Viagra kicks out impotence from the penis.

Get a hard and stiff penis by the help of Viagra

You may have used a lot of medicines for the treatment of different health ailments. Some medicines have the ability to cure the health ailment but some are only used for the treatment. Such medicines are only used when you need them otherwise their regular use can cause a lot of health problems. In this article, I shall discuss about such a medicine which is only being used for the treatment of a health problem not to cure it. The name of this medicine is Viagra and the purpose of its use is to treat the erectile dysfunction.

A word impotent is used for those people who are suffering with erectile dysfunction. An impotent person has not the ability to get a long erection of penis. Besides the long erection of penis, a hard and stiff penis is also considered very important for the sexual intercourse. Both the members of a couple cannot enjoy the sexual activity if the male is unable to get a stiff and hard penis. What actually happening inside the body of the impotent always remains a question? Here is the short answer of this important question. A male can only get erection when the blood flow rate through arteries becomes high at the time of sexual excitement. A person becomes sexually excited when he see an opposite gender partner with a lot of beauty. The flow rate of blood will automatically increase if the person is normal in sexual excited state. On the other side, if the person is impotent then he may not be able to get an erect penis due to less blood flow rate.

In the case, when the impotent person wants to have sex he uses Viagra. What Viagra does in the internal body of affected person is very important to know. There is an enzyme inside the body that controls the flow rate of blood through arteries or blood vessels. The activity of this enzyme is increased by the use of Viagra. Though there are many other medicines which can also be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but you may not get good enough results from other medicines. Viagra is being sold on chemists shops in three doses i.e. 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg. Selection of the right dose is important so a doctor advice is necessary for this purpose. The use of overdose can be harmful for the person's health.

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